Hindi Language

  • Hindi is the National language of India.

  • Hindi emerged from Sanskrit and has strong ties with Urdu language.

  • It is written in the Devangari script from left to right & is a phonetic language.

  • Hindi can also be written in a form of English through transliteration.

  • Transliteration makes it easier for people to speak Hindi even if they cannot read the Devangari Hindi script.

  • Sangita is pleased to offer workshops in Hindi language and also takes commissions for English/Hindi translation.

  • Workshops focus on learning the basics of verbal communication in Hindi.
  • The workshop is very practical and interactive with the assistance of transliteration, visulalisation and role plays.
  • The aim of the workshop is to provide learners with some basic ability to communicate verbally.
  • Workshops are suitable for children, family learning, adults, corporates, etc.
  • Some feedback from leaners follow:

  • "Sangita puts you at ease and explains Hindi in a very interesting manner, keeping good pace to encourage understanding."

    "Having completed this Hindi course, I feel confident enough to communicate with the Indian Community in Swindon. It has broaden my horizons and made me richer in every aspect."

    Sangita Arts